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For a complete discussion of the required energy data see the competition Guidelines, available for download at

For simplicity, accuracy, and accountability, GUEP’s strong preference is that the CSV files be uploaded directly by utilities. However, we understand that unavoidable technical, legal, or policy limitations may prevent direct uploading, requiring that the CSV files prepared by utilities be transmitted to the community leaders for uploading into the GUEP system. In such cases, with the prior approval of GUEP, communities will be able to create accounts and upload the CSV files that they receive from their utilities.

Regardless of whether the community or the utility uploads the data, the utility must retain original copies of the data generated for the competition until December 31, 2017 This original data must be available to the GUEP team upon request. The GUEP team does recognize that additional paperwork may be required for a utility to release the data directly to GUEP, if requested. In addition, both the community and the utility should – to the extent possible – retain any supplementary data, records, or internal communications related to data collection and submission for future verification and auditing, if required by GUEP at any point in the competition, especially during the Finalist round.

To deliver data for the 24 months of baseline energy use and for the quarterly reports of monthly energy use during the 24 months of Stage 3 (Semifinalist Performance Competition), utilities (or communities) must upload a standard GUEP CSV template. Two approaches are available:

  1. Large utilities that serve multiple communities may prefer to upload a single CSV file that reports both gas and electric energy usage for all competing communities in their jurisdiction.
  2. Smaller utilities may prefer to upload a CSV file that reports one type of energy usage (gas or electric) for a single community.

You may download the available templates here:

  1. Download the complete reporting CSV
  2. Download the four single-sector and energy-type reporting CSVs as a .zip, or the single files
  3. Download the Instructions (minor updates as of 5/6)

If you have questions about the above templates, or have any issues locating your community or utility ID numbers, email